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The Principles give you


The training gives you 


The path gives you 


  • WU DE 武德


  • 謙 Humility

  • 敬 Respect

  • 忠 Loyalty

  • 智 Wisdom

  • 仁 Compassion

  • 勇 Courage

  • 和 Harmony

  • 恆 Perserverance

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Training with purpose...

Training kung fu is a lifelong endeavor.  The purpose of which is to train one's reactions into a natural response.  Such reaction is essential to the efficacy of the art.  Building body & mind in balance toward that goal.

Workout Facility

武馆  Wǔ guǎn

Our Methods

Our Methods

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We avoid a closed environment where the instructor is beyond contestation.  The student should never be forever in servitude.  We train students to be teachers.  We expect teachers to be peers.  All with the goal of learning from one another.


Often schools choose convenience over efficacy by  mixing youth & adults together or teaching children simpler forms.  We maintain style integrity by keeping adult classes 18+ & teaching youth students the same forms/techniques.  This allows adults to train at a higher intensity level & sets high expectations on our youth martial artists.  


The art functions on conceptual principles.  It is not a series of techniques & preordained patterns.  It is a system of movement designed to be adjusted to the benefit of each students advantage.  The principles eventually help guide your learning through self exploration.


For students in our adult classes we structure our programs to stress the importance of One-to-One instruction.  This allows the student who consistently trains to learn faster & with more depth of understanding than group classes alone. 

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