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Our Kung-Fu Classes 

A goal is not always meant to be REACHED,

it is often meant to be something to aim at...

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Youth Kung-fu

Our Youth Classes  (starting at age 5yrs) help teach focus, goal setting, patience, confidence, & determination.  The young martial artists are given the same skills as the adults with emphasis on practical use not performance for "show".  The techniques & skills are the same hand forms, weapons, and San-Da techniques as the adults.  The purpose of which is to give them a life long path toward continued training.  

Adult Kung-Fu

Moh Pai Kung-Fu is our Grandmaster's innovation of the teachings from his youth.  Application of the art puts a premium on efficiency of movement & aggressive reaction to an opponent's attacks.  Embodying the spirit of the Chinese proverb "Two tigers cannot live on one mountain," its diverse depth of techniques, Qi gong, moving meditation, & philosophy allow it to be trained by practitioners of any age. 


When students show their understanding of Moh Pai (Mo Style) & commitment to training they advance to the White Tiger Style (Pai Hu Shih) of movement.  Intended as the truest form of our Grandmaster's system.  Through its training, the practitioner will reveal its existence within the lesser system.

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San Shou (Sanda)

Sanda (formerly San Shou) melds modern kickboxing, simplified kung fu techniques, & fast grappling.  It was originally developed by the Chinese military as fighting style that could be taught quickly to soldiers.   As a combat focused style, students are taught to sweep/throw the opponent while avoiding a vulnerable ground grapple.  Fast paced & aggressive, it is used to ensure students understand the violence inherent in self defense. 

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